Nereus, an asteroid larger than the Eiffel Tower and classified as potentially dangerous by NASA, will soon pass near the Earth

Sylvie Claire / November 11, 2021

On December 11, an asteroid with a diameter of 330 meters and moving at a speed 11 times faster than our F-16s will pass near the earth.
Classified as potentially dangerous, Nereus would cause great damage if it hit the Earth. But the chances of a shock are almost nil, says Nasa.
With this diameter, Nereus is larger than 90% of other asteroids. According to the Space Reference website, it was first observed in 1981. After its next pass at 3.9 million kilometers from Earth this December 11 (a distance equivalent to 10 times that which separates us from the Moon), the star will move away to 23 million kilometers before reappearing in 2060.
It will then approach to 1,2 million kilometers of our blue planet. 
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