Mystery surrounding the state of health of the Queen of England: She saw Charles 2 days before he tested positive for covid

Steph Deschamps / February 11, 2022

The Queen of England may be tested for Covid for several days after it was revealed that she met Prince Charles just two days before he tested positive for the virus.
Last night Buckingham Palace refused to confirm whether the 95-year-old monarch had tested positive or negative for Covid, fuelling fears for her health. However, palace sources insisted she had no symptoms.
Royal doctors will now test Her Majesty frequently after seeing her son the Prince of Wales at Windsor Castle on Tuesday.
According to the current rules in the UK, the Queen is triple vaccinated and therefore will not need to isolate herself unless she tests positive. According to the Daily Mail, the monarch received her first vaccine in January 2021 and her second in March, while sources say she received her booster last October.
This is the second time Prince Charles, who also received the 3 doses of vaccine, has tested positive for coronavirus after contracting the disease in March 2020.
Insiders insisted that the 73-year-old had tested positive in a morning test as a routine check before any public engagement - suggesting he had no strong symptoms - but Clarence House declined to go into further detail about his condition.
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