Monolith in Utah: a new monument appears in Romania, after the removal of the first in the United States

Sylvie Claire / December 1, 2020


Discovered on November 18 by local officials who flew over the area to count mouflon specimens, the monolith is now missing ... A trail emerges, however, on the side of Romania where a similar object has been found.


The stolen monolith


Since the announcement of this discovery, many Americans have taken their pickup and set out to discover this metal object. Its mysterious appearance fascinates the crowds. Extraterrestrial creation, interstellar telephone, intergalactic portal or - more down to earth - work of art… Theories are coming from all sides. The only thing that can be said from the satellite images taken over the years is that this object appeared between July and October 2016.


Like many other people, Ross Bernards, an American keen on exploration, set out in search of the monolith with three friends this Friday, November 27. "We drove 6 hours to see it," he says on his Instagram account.


He then recounts, supporting photo, that he witnessed the removal of the monument. “When we arrived we spent 1h40 alone around the object where we took photos and videos. At 8:40 pm four guys arrived and two of them stepped forward and leaned on the monolith. one of them said, 'You better have your pictures.' He then gave a big push and the monolith started to tilt. He yelled at his other friends that they didn't need to. tools. The other guy with him then said to him, “That's why you don't leave trash in the desert.” Then the four of them came over and pushed him. He ended up landing on the ground with a loud bang They quickly smashed it and as they carried it to the wheelbarrow they had brought one of them looked at us all saying, "Leave no trace. »


Riccardo Marino, another explorer adds: "Around 11:30 p.m. on Friday, November 27, I arrived at the monolith site. All that was left in its place was a message written in the dirt that said 'bye bitch' with a stain of fresh urine next door. Someone had just stolen the statue. « 


Appearance in Romania


If despair is great among those who began to devote a real cult to the monolith, a ray of hope was reborn in them. For the past few days, social networks Twitter and Reddit have been panicking over the appearance of a new metallic object in Romania on November 26.


This second monolith was discovered near the fortress of Petrova Dacia in north-eastern Romania. If the first was around 3.50 meters and was very smooth, it reaches four meters high and is covered with whitish spirals. Note also that one of its sides faces Mount Ceahlau, considered a sacred mountain.


“It is on private property, but we still don't know who owns it, says Rocsana Josanu, responsible for culture and heritage. It is in a protected area on an archaeological site, which is prohibited. investigation has been opened. « 

The origins of these large 3-sided metal objects are unclear today. Is it the same object that was moved, a second made by a copier or a group that still plans to place new ones? Hard to say.


Note however that this monolith has also disappeared, leaving behind only a triangular imprint in the snow.

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