Mexico: Navy intercepts $90 million worth of drug shipment

 Sylvie Claire / February 7, 2021 


The Mexican Navy made a major drug seizure. Some 2.5 tons of methamphetamine and 100,000 fentanyl pills were discovered on a boat, the Mexican justice announced.


The seizure took place in the state of Sinaloa, where the cartel of the same name, formerly headed by Joaquín Guzmán, alias El Chapo, is operating. The value of the shipment is estimated at more than 90 million dollars, according to local media.


Two people were arrested. The boat carrying the drugs was intercepted by a Navy patrol while sailing without a lighthouse. Fentanyl, a synthetic opiate 50 times more powerful than heroin, is manufactured in Mexico by drug cartels. It causes thousands of overdoses in the United States.

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