Maddie McCann case: Police search for witness, friend of Christian Brueckner, "note said body was thrown into water »

Steph Deschamps / September 15, 2020


Police are currently looking for a German man who was living in the Algarve at the time of Maddie McCann's disappearance. This man, wanted as a witness and not as a suspect, is said to be a friend of the suspect Christian Brueckner.


Inspectors investigating the Maddie McCann case are actively looking for a German man who lived in a camper van in a nature reserve about 15 kilometers from Praia da Luz, where the girl went missing in 2007.


According to information from The Sun, investigators believe that the last moments of the little Briton would have taken place in this nature reserve where there is a water point. Maddie McCann's body may have been dumped there, according to a note found in the wanted man's camper van.


This note was found by a Portuguese who preferred to remain anonymous in 2014: “It mentioned the name of Madeleine. The note indicated that the body had been thrown into the water. « 


The area, near Praia da Luz, was searched a few days after Maddie's disappearance, but local media said police spent only two hours there and did not send divers to search the area. ‘water.


The police hope that the information the witness could provide them would shed light on the girl's disappearance and provide new evidence on Christian Brueckner's guilt.


Credit : Sudinfo

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