Japanese video game giant Nintendo to open its own museum in Japan

 Sylvie Claire / May 3, 2021

The museum, which is not scheduled to open until 2023 or 2024, will be located a few kilometers from the center of Kyoto (western Japan), where Nintendo's headquarters are located.


It will be located on the grounds of a former factory where Nintendo made hanafuda, traditional Japanese playing cards, which were its core business when it was founded in 1889, long before it started making video games.


The museum, temporarily named Nintendo Gallery, according to the group's English-language release, will showcase the many products Nintendo has launched throughout its history, a way to share the history of product development and the philosophy of Nintendo with the public.


Interactive experiences should also be available, according to the release.


Nintendo took its first steps into video games in 1977 with the launch of the TV Game 15 and TV Game 6 home consoles, while at the same time developing arcade terminals and games, such as Donkey Kong, released in 1981.


It then became a worldwide success with the Famicom console launched in Japan in 1983, and known abroad under the acronym NES (Nintendo Entertainment System).


Last March, the company opened the very first leisure zone around its universe, in the huge Universal Japan Studios (USJ) theme park in Osaka, in western Japan.

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