Japan: this mask costs thousands of euros

Sylvie Claire / November 26, 2020


Luxury masks are sold in Japan at a price of 1 million yen, or 8,000 euros. The Cox Co's Mask.com store chain sells two models. One is adorned with a 0.7 carat diamond and 300 Swarovski crystals.


The other is made from 330 Japanese Akoya pearls. The clients parade and admire them. "If I wear this mask then I have to dress accordingly,


that's what bothers me a bit," reacts Mitsue Kaneko, 66. "The price is a drag. It's a bit expensive. I can't afford it," says Nozomi Tsukamoto, a 22-year-old student. At 8,000 euros, we are still far from the world record, or 1,250,000 euros for a mask from an Israeli jeweler made up of 250 grams of 18-carat gold.

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