Israeli-Palestinian conflict: a Palestinian child, hit in Gaza by Israeli fire, dies of his injuries

Steph Deschamps / August 28, 2021


A 12-year-old Palestinian man died of his injuries after being hit last week by Israeli army fire during clashes in Gaza, the Gazan Ministry of Health said Saturday.
Omar Hassan Abu Al-Nile had been injured by Israeli army fire during clashes on the sidelines of a demonstration near the separation barrier between the Gaza Strip and the Hebrew state, said the official Palestinian agency Wafa. The clash last Saturday resulted in two deaths on the Palestinian side: a 32-year-old man who died on Wednesday and a 12-year-old child who died on Saturday. In addition, some 40 people were injured, according to the Gazan authorities. On the Israeli side, a member of the security forces hit by gunfire is still in critical condition.
The Israeli army had opened fire to disperse the crowd gathered at the border between Gaza and the Jewish state, while Palestinian demonstrators threw explosive objects, the Israeli government said. Israel also targeted Hamas, the ruling Islamist movement in the Gaza Strip. After Saturday's clashes, the Hebrew state carried out air raids against four Hamas weapons manufacturing and storage sites. Other strikes, which did not cause any casualties, took place on Monday night, in retaliation for incendiary balloon launches that caused bush fires on the Israeli side.
New clashes broke out on Wednesday at the Gaza-Israel border after the death of a member of the armed wing of Hamas, but they were less violent than those on Saturday.
Further demonstrations are planned for Saturday evening, according to Palestinian sources.
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