Israel: seven injured in a ram car attack in Tel Aviv

Sylvie Claire / July 4, 2023

Seven people were wounded on Tuesday when a car rammed into them in Tel Aviv, police and medics said, as the Israeli army continued a major operation in the occupied West Bank.
Police said they had received information about "a car that attacked a number of civilians" in north Tel Aviv and added that they had "neutralized the assailant ».
It appears that the suspect was driving a vehicle going from south to north, ran into pedestrians who were on a shopping street and got out of his vehicle to stab civilians with a sharp object," the police said.
Doctors said they were treating five wounded, while police put the total number of injured at seven.
This event occurred as the Israeli army continued a large-scale operation in which ten Palestinians were killed, in the town and camp of Jenin, in the north of the occupied West Bank.
A 20-year-old Palestinian from the West Bank has been identified as the alleged perpetrator of the Tel Aviv attack, according to Israeli security sources.
The man, from a village near Hebron, is believed to have entered Israel without authorization.
According to the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip, the young man belonged to its organization.
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