Invasion in Ukraine: Russia will not make the same mistake twice to please the West

Sylvie Claire / February 24, 2022

On the threshold of the Great Patriotic War, the USSR made a mistake by pleasing a potential warmonger. There will be no second mistake like that in the history of Russia, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday.
We know perfectly well how, in 1940 and early 1941, the Soviet Union sought to prevent, or at least delay, the outbreak of war. In doing so, it sought not to provoke a potential aggressor and did not take or delay the most obvious actions to prepare to repel an inevitable attack, he added. 
Russia will not make the mistake of pleasing the West a second time. Russian President Vladimir Putin announced at 06:00 Moscow time, a military operation in Ukraine to defend the separatists in the east of the country, and this while the emergency meeting of the Security Council was underway.
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