In Tokyo, Joe Biden raises his voice against Beijing

Sylvie Claire / May 24, 2022

The American president Joe Biden, visiting Tokyo, multiplied this Monday the warnings towards Beijing, warning that the United States would defend Taiwan in case of invasion of the island by China which, according to him, flirts with the danger by multiplying military maneuvers.
Beijing reacted strongly, invoking its sovereignty and saying that the United States was playing with fire.
After a visit to South Korea, Joe Biden arrived this Sunday in Japan, as American officials consider these two countries to be the linchpins of the American response to China's growing power in the region.
During a joint press conference on Monday with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, the occupant of the White House warned that the United States was ready to use its military means if Beijing invaded the autonomous island of Taiwan.
We agreed with the one-China policy, we signed it but the idea that (Taiwan) could be taken by force is simply not appropriate, he added.
Beijing quickly retaliated by calling on the U.S. president not to underestimate his firm determination to protect its sovereignty.
We urge the United States ... to avoid sending the wrong signals to Taiwan's independence forces, said Wang Wenbin, a foreign ministry spokesman.
U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin assured that Biden's comments were consistent with U.S. policy on Taiwan.
As the president said, our one-China policy has not changed, Austin said. He also emphasized our commitment included in the Taiwan Relations Act to empower Taiwan to defend itself, he added.
Displaying a united front against Beijing, Mr. Biden and Mr. Kishida also reaffirmed their common vision of a free and open Indo-Pacific, with the Japanese Prime Minister specifying that Tokyo and Washington will monitor recent Chinese naval activities, as well as movements related to joint exercises by China and Russia.
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