In Thailand, the surprising request of the authorities to the lovers for the night of Valentine's Day

Sylvie Claire / February 13, 2022

It's an original request to say the least. In Thailand, the health authorities have asked lovers who are about to treat themselves to a romantic and torrid night for Valentine's Day to go out covered... with a mask. Including during their sexual relations.
Covid-19 is not a sexually transmitted disease, but you can get it by breathing in close or exchanging saliva, Reproductive Health Bureau Director Bunyarit Sukrat told AFP.
Lovers are also urged to avoid face-to-face sexual positions and deep kissing, and to use contraception if they want to avoid an unwanted pregnancy, he added.
If possible, wearing a mask during sex can help reduce the risk of Covid, Bunyarit continued.
The number of daily coronavirus infections in the country, which was about 8,000 at the beginning of the month, has almost doubled in the last two weeks. Health officials fear that Valentine's Day will exacerbate this trend, even though they acknowledge that sexual relations are not restricted to February 14. The holiday is popular in the kingdom, and is considered an auspicious day for couples to get married.
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