I am speechless: police release new images of Alec Baldwin, just after his fatal shooting of a filmmaker

Steph Deschamps / April 27, 2022

New images of Alec Baldwin, widely reported by the American media, were made public Monday by the police of Santa Fe. Several months after the shooting of the American actor on the set of the film Rust that killed a young filmmaker, several videos show the actor a few minutes after the drama.
Last October 21, in a ranch of Santa Fe, the actor and producer handled a revolver while he worked a scene with Halyna Hutchins. The gun he thought was harmless went off, fatally wounding the filmmaker. The police have not yet initiated criminal proceedings but do not rule out doing so, including against Alec Baldwin.
These are first images of the arrival of first aid on the set of the shooting that have been released. Facing a police officer, Alec Baldwin still seems shocked by the events. No, it's not okay, says the actor when asked if he is okay.
The new videos show the American actor in the first minutes of his hearing with the police. Alec Baldwin is questioned about the circumstances of the accident and why the weapon was not neutralized at the time of the shooting. Do you think someone could have done this on purpose? the police officer asks. I don't see who, the actor replies.
Baldwin later explained that the gun was given to him by the gunsmith on the set and that his crew had also given him a gun case and a knife. The gun was supposed to be empty! But I rehearsed with a weapon with a bullet inside, he still indignant with the police. I am speechless. I need to know how this could have happened! Where did this bullet come from?
The producers of the film Rust are responsible for safety violations on the set where Alec Baldwin killed the cinematographer, a report by New Mexico authorities found Wednesday.
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