How amazing: the Simpsons predicted the Russian offensive... over 20 years ago

Eva Deschamps / February 26, 2022

In an old episode of The Simpsons, Russia becomes the Soviet Union again. Sound familiar?
The directors of The Simpsons are so good that, today, we wonder at each event if it was not predicted by the famous series. And we have to admit that, once again, they were right with the Russian invasion in Ukraine.
In any case, they had foreseen that the Russians would want to expand their territory again. In an episode broadcast in 1998, Homer Simpson, while commanding a ship, mistakenly sends a rocket to Russia.
In the aftermath, in reaction to this attack, Russia proclaimed itself the Soviet Union again. We then see the Berlin Wall being rebuilt, the flag taking on its former look and Lenin being resurrected. In short, a return of several decades back.
A bit like what seems to be happening in Ukraine now…
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