Horror in Spain on Halloween night: Alex, a 9 year old child, was kidnapped and killed by a man who was prowling around

Steph Deschamps / November 1, 2021

It is a real tragedy that took place on Thursday night in Lardero, Spain. Alex, a little boy of 9 years old who was celebrating Halloween with his friends in a park, was kidnapped and killed by a man, already convicted of murder and pedophilia.
According to Ouest France, the child was dressed as the little girl from the famous horror movie The Exorcist and was having fun in a park with a friend when a man who was lurking around took him away, claiming that he wanted to show him his puppies. According to the Spanish media, the man who kidnapped him mistook him for a little girl, because of his disguise.
The child's family quickly notified the police when they realized he was missing. Investigators were quickly able to go to a man's home thanks to the indications of a little girl, whom the suspect had also tried to take to his home. It was there that the police came across Alex's lifeless body...
The paramedics tried to resuscitate him, but it was useless. The child had died of suffocation.
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