Google and Facebook will only accept vaccinated employees on their premises

Sylvie Claire / July 30, 2021


Google requires its employees to be vaccinated against the coronavirus before returning to work in the company's offices. Another American technology giant, Facebook, has also announced that its employees in the US must be vaccinated before returning to its offices.
Google's vaccination requirement will be implemented in the coming weeks in its subsidiaries. In the coming months, the company with the eponymous search engine will also require vaccination of its staff outside the US . Boss Sundar Pichai posted a blog message to staff that it was great to see employees coming together to think together again.
That's why the company is counting on employees returning to the office for 60% of their work time. But the planned return to the premises this summer is now postponed, while employees can continue to work from home until October 18. The change was prompted by the resurgence of the Delta variant of the coronavirus, according to Pichai. Facebook also said that vaccination would be mandatory, but this is only required in the United States.
However, the platform is also considering applying this rule in other countries in the future, a spokesperson said. Facebook expects to have half of its offices occupied by September. In October, they will be able to fully reopen. Unlike Google, Facebook allows its employees to continue telecommuting from there if they wish.
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