German union calls for strike at Amazon on Prime Day

Sylvie Claire / June 22, 2021

A German trade union has called on Amazon employees to go on strike for several days starting Monday, on the occasion of Prime Day. This event, organized over two days by the shopping platform, features large discounts and is therefore a busy time for the group's employees.


It is not yet known how many of them will respond to the call, or whether the strike could affect the delivery of Amazon products.


According to the Verdi union, this action is part of a long-standing struggle in Germany for better wages and working conditions. The main concern is the workload, which has increased over the years, without any corresponding increase in staff wages.


Amazon emphasized that the company offers excellent wages and other benefits to its employees. According to her, calls for a strike had already been made, but 90 per cent of the employees in the distribution centers remained at work.


Since 2018, Amazon employees have been protesting their poor working conditions every year on Prime Day, demanding higher wages given the ever-increasing workload.

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