Fishermen make an incredible discovery in their nets: We found an albino Cyclops shark!

Sylvie Claire / October 19, 2020


These Mexican fishermen did not expect to make such a discovery, while sailing off the coast of Maluku province on October 10. In their nets, they discovered a baby albino shark that only had one eye.


On October 10, Mexican fishermen found the dead shark in their nets to look most amazing. So they decided to open the animal's stomach, discovering three baby sharks in it.


And among them was a very special shark. "We found three babies in his stomach, but one of them was also albino and had only one eye, like a Cyclops," Andy told various media outlets.


A birth defect


The crew handed over the specimen to the proper authorities for further analysis. The first reports established that it was probably a shark with Cyclopia, a birth defect that can affect all species while they are still in the embryonic stage.


But this shark had one more peculiarity, since it was also albino. This is not a first, as such a specimen was also discovered in 2011.



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