Epstein affair - Queen Elizabeth helped Prince Andrew to pay tens of millions

Eva Deschamps / February 16, 2022

Prince Andrew paid the sum of about 12 million pounds to Virginia Giuffre, the American woman who accused him of sexually assaulting her in 2001 and wanted to see him tried in a civil trial in New York, reports the British daily The Telegraph. Insiders also report that Queen Elizabeth, mother of Prince Andrew, would have given him the money. The out-of-court settlement was reportedly reached over the weekend.
Virginia Giuffre and Prince Andrew have reached an amicable settlement, reads a letter filed by Ms. Giuffre's lawyer on behalf of both parties, who state their intention to end the case within 30 days. The exact financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed, but according to the court document, the Duke of York intends to make a substantial donation to Virginia Giuffre's organization which supports the rights of victims of sexual assault. The second son of Queen Elizabeth II, 61, was sued by the 38-year-old American, a former victim of American multi-millionaire Jeffrey Epstein, for sexual abuse when she was 17 years old, facts that he has always disputed.
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