Einar, a 19-year-old Swedish rapper, was shot dead in the street in Stockholm: he was subject to protective measures

Steph Deschamps / October 22, 2021

Einar, a 19-year-old Swedish rapper who was very popular in the Scandinavian country, was shot dead on Thursday night, the Swedish media and police announced, facing a wave of armed settlements.
His real name is Nils Kurt Erik Einar Grönberg, the young man, already the target of a kidnapping attempt in 2020, was hit by several bullets at the foot of a building in the residential area of Hammarby Sjöstad, near the center of the capital.
Gunshots were reported to the police around 11pm in this popular and usually quiet area.
Found seriously injured, he died on the spot despite the care of emergency services, said AFP Towe Hagg, a spokeswoman for the Stockholm police.
In accordance with its practice, the Swedish police did not officially confirm the identity of the victim, revealed by several media in the night.
A murder investigation has been opened and police are interviewing witnesses to identify a suspect or suspects, she said.
After posting early videos of himself rapping at a young age, he had broken through in 2019, with the track Katten i trakten (The cat in the area) reaching number one on the singles chart in Sweden.
Many of his songs referred to a life of crime, mentioning drugs and weapons. The artist had received numerous awards in Sweden, which is home to an important hip-hop scene.
The young rapper also had public conflicts with his rival Yasin. The latter had been sentenced in July to ten months in prison for a failed plan to kidnap Einar in 2020.
Einar was under protective measures, according to Swedish media.
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