Dramatic carousel accident: more than 20 children thrown in the air in Italy

Eva Deschamps / July 15, 2022

At least 20 children were injured when the ride overturned in mid-air at a festival in Palma Campania, Italy, on Sunday. A 12-year-old girl remains hospitalized in Naples following the incident.
While the children were having fun on a thrill ride, it broke apart in the air. The gondola was ejected. According to the Turkish press, three children were injured.
Parents filmed the whole thing! Shocking images show the children's faces going from joy to panic as they locked themselves in their seats. Contacted immediately, firefighters rushed to the scene and were forced to cut the safety device to free the children who were trapped... upside down.
Local police have launched an investigation, but initial observations suggest a structural failure may be the cause. The incident comes after three children were taken to hospital when a merry-go-round broke in the air last month at Ataturk Park in Antalya, southwest Turkey.
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