Dead or alive: a Russian millionaire puts a price on Vladimir Putin's head

Steph Deschamps / March 7, 2022

Alex Konanykhin, a wealthy Russian businessman based in the United States has put a price on Vladimir Putin's head. He will offer $1 million to anyone who can bring him the Russian leader, currently at war with Ukraine, dead or alive.
A Russian businessman based in the United States, whose fortune would be counted in millions of dollars, about 300 million, has decided to put a price on the head of Vladimir Putin for having committed war crimes in Ukraine. He launched this offensive on February 24. Alex Konanykhin will offer 1 million dollars to the one who will bring him the Russian president Vladimir Putin dead or alive.
Alex Konanykhin, entrepreneur and banker, reacted on social networks and was indignant against the war in Ukraine launched by the Russian leader. Thus, the businessman said on Facebook on February 28 that he promised to reward the officer or officers for the arrest of a war criminal in Russian and international law.
As a Russian of ethnicity and citizenship, I see it as a moral duty to facilitate the denazification of Russia, he continued. A nod to Vladimir Putin who had justified his invasion of Ukraine by claiming to denazify the country.
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