COP26: Elizabeth II urges leaders to make common cause on climate change

Sylvie Claire / November 2, 2021


Queen Elizabeth II urged in a video message Monday world leaders gathered for the COP26 in Glasgow (Scotland) to make common cause to tackle climate change and solve the most intractable problems.
The 95-year-old sovereign said she hoped the two-week conference, which she is unable to attend because of her health, would be one of those rare occasions when everyone will have the opportunity to rise above the politics of the moment and show true political sense.
History has shown that when nations unite for a common cause, there is always hope, she said in the video message, which was broadcast during a welcome reception for world leaders, urging them to work side by side to solve the most intractable problems.
Many hope that the legacy of this summit - written in the history books that are not yet printed - will describe you as the leaders who did not let the opportunity pass, and who answered the call of future generations, she hammered in her green suit, looking good.
The Queen, who recently spent a night in hospital for preliminary examinations, according to Buckingham Palace, had to regretfully cancel her trip to COP26 and must refrain from any official travel for at least two more weeks.
Her last public appearance was on Thursday, when she presented the Gold Medal for Poetry to the English poet David Constantine during a video conference. A 24-second video released by the palace shows her smiling, chatting with the poet via interposed screens.
None of us will live forever, she added Monday, but this fight against global warming is not for ourselves, but for our children, our children's children and those who will follow in their footsteps .
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