Chloe, 21 years old, learns that she has cancer: the young woman dies on her wedding day.

 Sylvie Claire / April 15, 2021


Chloe was originally from Rotherham, in the North East of England. Last October, the 21-year-old received the terrible news that she had cancer. With the disease having such an impact on her health, Chloe decided to marry Hakeem, whom she considered her soul mate, on April 12. Unfortunately, she passed away the same day of what was supposed to be the most beautiful day of her life.



It is the mother of the future groom who announced his death by setting up a fund on the site GoFundMe. It reads: Two days after her birthday, Chloe started chemotherapy, which was a very difficult time for her, but her soul mate and love of her life, Hakeem, was there by her side to help her .


Because of the horrible Covid, Chloe has not been able to do much between chemo sessions. She was in a lot of pain after an operation she had just 6 weeks ago, then on Friday we were told she was allowed to go home. She was still in a lot of pain and may not be for much longer. None of us thought it would be only three days, she adds.


The mom finally concludes, Chloe and Hakeem were planning to get married today, but Chloe's body just couldn't hold out long enough.


The young woman was a great admirer of animals, and in particular cats, which she took care of in a shelter. The latter paid tribute to her on social networks and promises that a trace of Chloe will always remain in their association.

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