Bow attack in Norway: the suspect will be presented to an investigating judge Friday

Sylvie Claire / October 15, 2021

The suspect in the bow-and-arrow attack in the small Norwegian town of Kongsberg, which left five people dead and two injured on Wednesday, will be brought before an investigating judge on Friday.
The lawyer of the 37-year-old Danish national said Thursday evening that the mental state of his client should be evaluated more closely by psychiatrists, raising the question of his eligibility for criminal prosecution.
The attack resembles at this stage a terrorist act, estimated the Norwegian security services on Thursday, which did not raise the level of alert in the country.
Wednesday night's events in Kongsberg, a town in southeastern Norway, have the appearance of a terrorist act at this stage, but the investigation will further clarify what motivated them, the PST said in a statement.
A public prosecutor also said afterwards that the suspect had given a full statement and reasons for his act, but would not release the details to the public.
Norwegian police said there were signs of radicalization in the 30-year-old who recently converted to Islam.
Norwegian security services are now investigating whether his actions may inspire others to carry out violent attacks.
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