BMW unveils a prototype car that can change color

Steph Deschamps / January 5, 2023

BMW unveiled Wednesday in Las Vegas a prototype car that can change color and features digital technologies inside the cabin, such as the projection of information across the width of the windshield.
Named BMW i Vision Dee, the car was presented at the big annual meeting of consumer electronics in Las Vegas during a mini-show where appeared Arnold Schwarzenegger.
At the same show last year, the manufacturer had already unveiled a car that could change colors, but only gray.
The body of the new prototype can display a whole range of colors, uniformly, in stripes or in checkerboards.
BMW i Vision Dee remains a concept but is supposed to inspire the manufacturer's new vehicles.
The ability to project information such as speed and direction across the entire width of the windshield, for example, will be available from 2025.
BMW also mentioned the possibility of projecting images in augmented reality, or even transforming the entire windshield into a screen, technologies that are supposed to allow mixing "the real and virtual worlds".
The idea is to create, thanks to a set of software, a "companion" offering a personalized experience, said the head of the group, Oliver Zipse: the name Dee is an acronym for "Digital emotional experience".
The Terminator actor had fun with it, saying he was "a bit worried" about integrating so much technology into a car "since in most of my movies, the machine was the enemy ».


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