Bad news for fans: the "Hogwarts Express", the iconic train in the Harry Potter saga, is no longer running.

Steph Deschamps /  July 24, 2023


You may already have had the chance to board the famous "Hogwarts Express". Unfortunately, the iconic train from the Harry Potter saga is no longer running.
Bad news for Harry Potter fans planning to visit Scotland and take a ride. The famous "Hogwarts Express" is no longer running after "serious safety issues" were identified.
The Scottish steam train, officially named "The Jacobite", is now out of service. The reason? On July 15, train safety inspectors issued a report showing that passengers risked falling off the train if they leaned out of the windows. Leaning out is basically forbidden, but train staff can't keep an eye on everyone.
Passing over the iconic Glenfinnan viaduct, the train attracts thousands of saga fans every year. The organization says it is trying to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. People who bought tickets will be refunded.
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