At least six schoolchildren killed in bus crash in Colombia

Sylvie Claire / March 23, 2022

At least six minors died and 15 others were injured after a school transport accident in the northeastern Colombian department of Santander, official sources reported Tuesday. The accident occurred at a site called Alto de San Pedro, when the school bus carrying students and teachers from the Agricultural Institute of Laguna de Ortices in the municipality of San Andres overturned. The governor of Santander, Mauricio Aguilar, said on his Twitter account that in the accident 6 minors died and there are more than 15 injured, among children and adults. For its part, the police presented an initial report of 5 victims. 
In addition, the police said that four of the injured were seriously injured and that their transfer by helicopter to Bucaramanga, the departmental capital, was being coordinated. According to local authorities, the vehicle transported the children from the school to their homes after school ended. The vehicle drove for about 200 meters across an abyss. At this time, authorities have not released the reason for the accident and no hypothesis has been made public as to the cause of the accident.
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