An ex-KGB agent's disturbing revelations about Vladimir Putin: "When he threatens us with nuclear weapons, he's ready to use them »

Steph Deachamps / June 10, 2023

A former KGB agent who rubbed shoulders with the Russian President warns. In his words, Putin is ready to use nuclear weapons.
The war in Ukraine continues and takes another turn with the start of the counter-offensive by Volodymyr Zelensky's army. Embroiled in this conflict, Vladimir Putin has repeatedly raised the nuclear threat.
A former KGB agent between 1979 and 2002, Sergei Zhirnov knew the Russian President well. Following the publication of his book "L'escalade: est-il vraiment fou?", he spoke to RTBF's "déclic" about this mysterious figure, painting a portrait of the Kremlin leader.
According to Zhirnov, Vladimir Putin "is a very complex and tortured being, but at the same time very simple: over the years, we've noticed that what Putin says, he does. He does and believes in what he says ».
When he threatens us with nuclear weapons, he is mentally and psychologically ready to use them. He's not bluffing. When he says that, you have to believe him. Because, for example, on the Khakhovka dam, the Russians said 'we're going to blow it up' in November. They waited six months, but blew it up", he declares.

He continues: "If he's cornered, if he's pushed to the limit, especially if the Ukrainians recover much of the ground the Russians occupy, he's capable of punishing them. »

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