All about the streaming service Paramount +, soon to be available worldwide

 Sylvie Claire / Mars 6, 2021


Exclusively American, the streaming platform CBS All Access became this Thursday Paramount +, with international ambitions. Here's what's on the menu, today and tomorrow!


Thursday, March 4 was a day to mark with a white stone for the American channel CBS. Indeed, following its merger with Viacom, its streaming service CBS All Access, which existed since 2014 and has 8 million subscribers, became Paramount +. Under this new name, continues to be available all the content of CBS All Access, namely, first, the original series created especially for him: The Good Fight, Star Trek Discovery, Star Trek Picard,Why Women Kill, Extant, Strange Angel, The Twilight Zone, Tell me a story or the recent The Stand or Coyote.


Another of its attractions is... sport! Especially soccer and field hockey. Many NFL and UEFA matches, to name the most famous leagues are announced. That's not nothing



And then of course, there is a catalog of films from Paramount, including the three Indiana Jones and the Lost Ark Adventurer , the three Godfather, Crocodile Dundee, Mission Impossible, Evolution or A Night in Hell by Robert Rodriguez. Nothing crazy for the moment, everyone will agree, but that's bound to change!


In the coming weeks, the offer will be expanded on every floor, with, for example, a reboot of Criminal Spirits! A super-hook!



For this launch, things were not done by halves, the best proof being this extraordinary trailer - already bludgeoned at the Super Bowl - where we see several personalities from series or shows arriving at the top of a mountain. Because if you had finally stopped seeing it, the Paramount logo shows, surrounded by clouds, the top of a mountain, which looks like Mount Artesonraju in the Andes Mountains in the clouds. In English, on the other hand, the adjective paramount means more important than anything, primordial, supreme. Do you recognize everyone in this spot?



After one week of free trial, Paramount + costs $5.99 per month, or €5. And, unlike CBS All Access, this novelty will soon be available worldwide. It is already available in Canada and Latin America, and will arrive in the Nordic countries on the 25th of this month and in Australia in the middle of the year.


For the time being, it is not announced in Europe. Be patient!

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