Al Qaeda calls for Prince Harry's "execution": why he is a "priority target" for the terror group

Eva Deschamps / December 5, 2023

A report by the German State Security Service has released the information. Various Islamist organizations are said to have called on Muslims to "carry out bloody attacks and revolutions in support of the Palestinians and Hamas against the Western crusaders and Zionists ».
Several organizations are involved, including al-Qaeda, which has openly stated its "priority targets": the United States... and Prince Harry. "Executing Prince Harry is a legitimate objective", the terrorist group reportedly warned. This would represent "a symbolic act of revenge and punishment ». 
Why would Harry be threatened by al-Qaeda? In his recently published autobiography Spare, the prince reported killing 25 Taliban fighters in Afghanistan between 2007 and 2013, when he was a helicopter pilot in the British Army.
Back in 2010, Prince Harry was the victim of threats from the same terrorist group.
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