After Scandinavia and the United Kingdom, storm Malik hits northern Germany

Eva Deschamps / January 30, 2022

The city of Hamburg was affected during the night of Saturday to Sunday by the storm Malik - called Nadia in Germany. A part of the district of Sankt Pauli is notably under water.
Other coastal cities such as Bremen were affected, but to a lesser extent, according to the federal maritime and hydrographic agency.
In Hamburg, several vehicles were destroyed by the flooding. A ship was also stuck under a bridge in the port area. No injuries have been reported so far, the newspaper Tagesschau notes
The highest water level was reached around midnight, with 2.84 meters.
The emergency services carried out several hundred interventions, for uprooted trees and blown away roof elements. Rail traffic was heavily disrupted.
The storm also hit Scandinavia and the UK hard, where at least two people died.
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