Afghans call for Prince Harry to be brought to justice for the deaths of 25 Taliban fighters: 'It's a shame he's talking about it with such pride’

Sylvie Claire / January 10, 2023

A relative of an Afghan killed by an alleged British airstrike in 2011 called Monday for Prince Harry to be tried for the deaths of 25 Taliban fighters during his military service.
The Duke of Sussex reveals in his forthcoming memoirs that he killed these people during his missions in Afghanistan. He writes that he considered them "chess pieces", causing an outcry both in Afghanistan and in the UK.
We ask the international community to bring this person to justice," Mullah Abdullah said of Prince Harry in a video to U.S. media. "And we should be compensated for those we have lost. We lost our house, our lives and our family members, we lost our livelihoods and also our loved ones." Abdullah says he lost nine family members in a British Army airstrike.
A similar call was also made in the Afghan province of Helmand. "It is a shame that he is talking about it so proudly," a member of the Helmand provincial council told Sky News. "We not only demand that he be brought before an international court, but also that the international community sanction him as soon as possible."
Harry has been active in the British armed forces for more than a decade. He attended Sandhurst Military Academy and was deployed twice to Afghanistan as a helicopter pilot. The prince retired from the military in 2015.
In his forthcoming book, Prince Harry talks about the number of deaths he was involved in while in the military. "It's not something I took satisfaction in," he writes. "But I wasn't ashamed of it either. »
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