A Russian billionaire, close to Putin, protected thanks to Prince Lorenz: A Belgian shield against sanctions

Eva Deschamps / March 27, 2022

Corriere de la Sera focuses on the richest man in Russia, the king of oligarchs. Vladimir Lisin is the boss of NLMK and is not targeted by the sanctions. The name of a member of the royal family is mentioned in the investigation of the Italian newspaper.
The serious Italian daily Corriere de la Sera has launched a famous attack. Two of its journalists, Mario Gereveni and David Oddone, are interested in what they call the king of oligarchs. Vladimir Lisin, 65 years old, father of three, is the boss of NLMK, a company active in steel and transport. This name is well known in Wallonia since they have taken over, in part, the steel activities of Duferco (ex-Boël) in Manage, La Louvière and Clabecq.
Lisin is a former welder turned engineer. His fortune is estimated by Forbes at 26.2 billion dollars. This makes him the richest Russian and he occupies only the 59th place in the world ranking. The Corriere de la Sera does not mince its words when mentioning, in the title dedicated to this investigation, the links that this oligarch would have with a member of the Belgian royal family: Prince Lorenz, husband of Princess Astrid and brother-in-law of King Philippe.
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