A European embargo on Russian oil would hit everyone, warns the Kremlin

Sylvie Claire / March 21, 2022

Such an embargo would have a very serious influence on the world oil market, a negative influence on the energy market in Europe. But the Americans will not lose anything, it is obvious, they will feel much better than the Europeans, said Dmitry Peskov, the spokesman for the Russian presidency.
This is a decision that would hit everyone, he continued, during a press briefing.
The European Union's foreign and defense ministers are scheduled to meet on Monday to discuss new sanctions against Moscow.
The EU has already adopted several packages of sanctions against Moscow since the offensive in Ukraine, massively targeting companies, banks, senior officials, oligarchs, and banning the export of goods to Russia.
European imports of Russian gas or oil have so far been spared because of their cost to Europeans, who are very dependent on Russian hydrocarbons.
Germany, in particular, has been criticized for its opposition to an immediate embargo on Russian hydrocarbons, on which it depends heavily.


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