A 42-year-old man gets his theoretical license after the 158th attempt: There's no shame in representing yourself and trying again.

 Sylvie Claire / February 3, 2021


An Englishman broke an all-time record in the United Kingdom by obtaining his license on the 158th attempt.


Perseverance finally paid off for the 42-year-old Briton who finally got his theoretical license after 157 unsuccessful attempts. That's an all-time record in England! In total, the man will have paid nearly 4000 euros to get his license.


Passing a driver's licence exam is perhaps one of the most difficult challenges to manage in life and it can take some of us a lot more attempts than others. But whether you fail your test once or 157 times, there is no shame in retaking it and trying again, said Mark Tongue, Director of Select Car Leasing.


The theoretical driving license pass rate is very low in the United Kingdom, only 46% in 2019. The exam consists of answering 50 questions in a given time and obtaining at least 43 correct answers.

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