These foods to choose for good breath

 Eva Deschamps / May 21, 2021

Certain foods can neutralize bad odors. Here are the foods to choose for fresh, pleasant breath.




This effective antibacterial fights against oral bacteria. It is also antiseptic and anti-infectious, thus relieving gastric reflux.


The water


Drinking water regularly during the day fights against the drying of the mouth which favors the proliferation of bacteria. Water also allows for better digestion and reduces gastric reflux.




Chewing a few mint leaves after your meal will guarantee fresh breath, thanks to the chlorophyll it contains.


The apple


It helps to clean your mouth to neutralize odors.


Lemon juice


The antiseptic properties of lemon juice prevent the proliferation of bacteria in the mouth.


Unsweetened yoghurt


They reduce the level of hydrogen sulfide, responsible for bad breath. In addition, vitamin D and calcium are effective for better oral health.


Green tea


It contains polyphenol which eliminates the bacteria responsible for bad breath. Rich in fluoride, it also contributes to a better oral health.

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