These foods boost metabolism and strengthen the immune system


Steph Deschamps / May 16, 2021

To strengthen your immune system so that it protects you against bacteria and viruses, it happens in your plate! We present you the foods to put on your shopping list to avoid getting sick.


Your immune system is there to protect you from bacteria, viruses, etc. However, it is possible that your immune system is weakened and that you still get sick.


To avoid this as much as possible, a good diet is essential. Vitamins C and D, zinc and probiotics can boost your immunity. Getting a good night's sleep, reducing stress and exercising are also very important.


We present you 20 foods to add to your diet to have a strong immune system and avoid getting sick.


 Broccoli, Bell pepper, Shiitake, Garlic, Sauerkraut, Lemon and other citrus fruits, Kiwi fruit, Cranberry, Almonds 

 Sourdough bread, Fatty fish, Oysters and seafood, Maca, Spirulina, Lapacho, Turmeric, Honey, Probiotic concentrated yogurt, Dark chocolate, Pomegranate juice, Green tea, Kombucha.

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