The benefits of lemon on health

 Eva Deschamps / May 24, 2021

Its acidity can sometimes make adults cringe or children make their best faces, but lemon is actually very good for the body, strengthening and cleansing it. The health benefits of lemon and lemon juice are numerous:


- Lemon is antiseptic: lemon juice can be used as a natural disinfectant and even accelerates the healing of small wounds;


- Lemon, like many citrus fruits, contains antioxidants: it boosts the immune system and protects against certain diseases;


- Lemon facilitates digestion: citric acid stimulates the taste buds and at the same time the digestive system;


- Lemon, rich in vitamin C, helps to fight against fatigue.


The benefits of lemon... for cleaning


In addition to its health benefits, lemon is also an essential ingredient for cleaning your home in an ecological and economical way. It is used in many contexts for cleaning, cut in half or in juice, mixed with a little water:


- Lemon is anti-scale: half a lemon rubbed on your faucet will do wonders by easily removing traces of scale    and limescale.


- Lemon is antibacterial and disinfectant: citric acid will thoroughly clean your surfaces. It's no coincidence that Mr. Clean Multi-Purpose Spray comes with summer lemons!


- Lemon is a deodorizer: a few lemon peels in a still warm oven or half a lemon in the refrigerator will neutralize the most persistent odors.


- Lemon is also effective in removing stains from aluminum or copper objects: citric acid works on rust and tough grease!


- Lemon juice can clean unsightly yellow sweat stains from your light-colored T-shirts.

Finally, a mixture of water and lemon juice sprayed on your windows and mirrors will restore their shine.

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