Detox: foods to cleanse the liver


Sylvie Claire / May 26, 2021

Taking care of your liver starts in the morning. Here are some liver-healthy foods you can eat for breakfast:


- Coffee. Regular coffee consumption is associated with low liver stiffness, which reduces the risk of fibrosis (the first stage of cirrhosis).


- Green tea. It is a source of antioxidants and also reduces liver stiffness.


- Honey. It stimulates the liver (especially rosemary honey). However, be careful not to overdo it, as honey is very sweet.


- Oatmeal. Rich in fiber, they facilitate the elimination of toxins.


- Grapefruit. It detoxifies the liver by boosting certain enzymes.


- Lemon. It stimulates the production of bile and allows the liver to evacuate fats more easily.


Foods to detoxify the liver during meals


- Black radish. This is one of the best detoxifying foods: it is very effective in toning and detoxifying the liver.


- Avocado. It helps repair liver damage and is rich in antioxidants.


- Nuts. They help to detoxify the liver by getting rid of ammonia (which is produced when some of our organs 



- Garlic. It contains selenium and allicin, and helps to clean the liver.


- Artichoke. It protects and stimulates the liver.


- Turmeric. This spice promotes the production of bile and the repair of liver tissue.


- Rosemary. It stimulates the secretion of bile. You can drink it as an infusion to enjoy all its benefits. And if you want to go further, discover our detox herbal tea recipes.


- Beet. It stimulates the liver and helps it to function normally.


Foods to avoid to protect your liver


The main danger to the liver is alcohol. When consumed in excess, the liver cannot eliminate all the toxins. Eventually, alcohol can irreversibly damage the liver and cause cirrhosis. The majority of cirrhosis of the liver is caused by drinking too much alcohol too regularly. According to the World Health Organization, you should limit your consumption to a maximum of two glasses of alcohol per day for women and three for men. It is also necessary to regularly take breaks of several days without alcohol, so that the liver can rest.


However, alcohol is not the only enemy of the liver. Sugar and bad fat can lead to fatty liver disease, which can also lead to cirrhosis. Avoid deli meats and processed meats, high-fat dairy products (butter, cream, cheese), sweets, ready-made meals, sodas, pastries, fried foods, casseroles, chocolate bars and pastries.

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