Yvelines: a girl and her brother stabbed by their aunt, the deceased boy

Steph Deschamps / December 25, 2020


A woman killed her 10-year-old nephew with several stab wounds and seriously injured her little niece on Christmas night in Limay (Yvelines), AFP learned from police sources on Friday.


The girl was transferred urgently to the hospital. The aunt, 38, who explained that she was possessed was taken into custody and hospitalized.


The Versailles prosecutor's office opened an investigation for intentional homicide and attempted homicide on minors under 15. The departmental security was seized.


According to the Versailles prosecutor's office, five adults and three children from the same family were in an apartment in Limay, a small town of over 16,000 inhabitants: the aunt suspected of having killed her nephew, another aunt and an uncle, the grandparents, as well as the boy, the girl and an infant. The infant is the child of the alleged perpetrator.


According to a police source, the children had been entrusted to the family for the night.


The alert was given around 3:15 am by neighbors: firefighters are warned of the presence of a woman with a bleeding boy in her arms, said a police source.


According to the Versailles prosecutor's office, the grandmother also warned the emergency services.


When help arrived, the boy, who received several stab wounds mainly in the abdomen, was in cardio-respiratory arrest, according to firefighters. He died on the spot. The girl, also seriously injured in the abdomen, was hospitalized with absolute urgency in the hospital.


According to firefighters, the infant was found unharmed but the prosecution said to check his state of health.


The alleged perpetrator of the homicide is the aunt of the victims, who claimed to be possessed and had lacerations on her forearms, a police source said. Another police source indicates that the woman is followed in psychiatry, but unknown to the police services.


According to these two sources, the knife used, with a 15 cm blade, was discovered hidden in thickets.



Whether the beatings were inside or outside the apartment is being determined, the prosecution added, noting that the multiple wounds all over the children's body were deep and wide. very different.


We remain cautious about the circumstances, about the general context, many things said were not consistent because people were in a state of shock or crisis, the same source insisted.

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