Young Hitler Admirer Planned for Mass Murder Indicted and Imprisoned in France

Sylvie Claire / October 3, 2021


A young man suspected of wanting to commit a mass murder in his former high school and a mosque on Adolf Hitler's birthday was indicted and imprisoned on Friday, a judicial source said Saturday, confirming information from Le Parisien.
This young man, born in 2002 and who lived in Seine-Maritime, was arrested Tuesday. He was indicted four days later for criminal association of terrorist criminals and placed in custody. Contacted by AFP, his lawyer, Malcolm Mouldaia-Mauger, did not wish to comment at this stage of the procedure.
The young man had been spotted by investigators because he was in contact on a Telegram loop with an 18-year-old woman from Béziers, who was indicted and jailed in early April. For her part, she is suspected of having planned an attack against a church in the Hérault. According to a source close to the case, this boy was fascinated by ultra-violence.
In exchanges on several social networks, he mentioned his desire to commit a mass murder in his former high school and in a mosque near this school, April 20, 2022, the anniversary of Adolf Hitler, according to a source close to the investigation.
In search, investigators found several weapons, including hunting weapons, ammunition, knives, as well as 20 notebooks where he wrote his thoughts and referred to Hitler or Anders Breivik, the author of the killing that killed 77 in Norway in 2011. He claimed to have been a victim of sexual assault in his early childhood and harassment during his school years.
According to Le Parisien, while in police custody he mentioned another young man who was also in contact with the young woman from Béziers, claiming that they were brothers in arms and were considering a double mass murder project.
This second young man was indicted in August for non-indictment of a crime, but there is no evidence at this stage to support a concrete plan, the judicial source told AFP.
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