Violence inside the meeting of Eric Zemmour: the prosecutor of Bobigny opens an investigation!

Steph Deschamps / December 6, 2021

An investigation was opened on "the facts of violence committed inside the meeting" of the polemicist and far-right candidate Eric Zemmour Sunday at the Parc des expositions de Villepinte (Seine-Saint-Denis), said Monday the prosecutor's office of Bobigny.
Entrusted to the Sûreté départementale, the investigations concern, among other things, violence against SOS Racisme activists present at the first public meeting of Mr. Zemmour's presidential campaign and the grabbing of the candidate by an individual before he entered the stage.
The man was immediately exfiltrated and arrested by the police.
Violence also broke out at the beginning of the candidate's speech when a dozen SOS Racism activists in the audience unveiled T-shirts with the slogan no to racism.
They were beaten and had chairs thrown at them, according to the video released by the anti-racist association.
Several chases took place at the back of the room to get them out, in great confusion. The situation returned to calm after about ten minutes.
A member of the security team mentioned some antifa militants who were exfiltrated, blaming them for wanting to cause trouble.
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