Ukraine: Macron in favor of new sanctions against Russia

Sylvie Claire / April 4, 2022

Emmanuel Macron said Monday that he was in favor of the European Union deciding on new sanctions against Russia, referring to oil and coal, after the discovery of hundreds of bodies of civilians in the region of Kiev, including Boutcha.
What happened in Boutcha requires a new set of sanctions and very clear measures, said the French president on France Inter. So we will coordinate with our European partners, especially Germany in the coming days, he added, referring to individual sanctions and measures on coal and oil.
With what is happening, especially in Mariupol, we must send a signal that it is our collective dignity and our values that we defend, continued Emmanuel Macron, who was asked about Ukraine as president and not as a presidential candidate.
He reiterated, as he had done Sunday in a tweet, to be extremely shocked by the unbearable scenes in Boutcha, which must be condemned with the utmost firmness. There are very clear indications today of war crimes and it is pretty much established that it was the Russian army that was in this small town where civilians were massacred. International justice must be done. Those who were at the origin of these crimes will have to answer for them because there will be no peace without justice, he said.
The total number of dead is still unclear. According to the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Iryna Venediktova, the lifeless bodies of 410 civilians were found in the territories of the Kiev region recently retaken from Russian troops. Moscow has denied that it has done anything wrong.
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