Presidential election 2022: Emmanuel Macron sworn in as president for a second five-year term

Steph Deschamps / May 7, 2022

President Emmanuel Macron was inaugurated as president on Saturday for a second five-year term, with many challenges ahead, from bridging the social divide to the aftermath of the war in Ukraine.
Shortly after 11:00 am, the president of the Constitutional Council, Laurent Fabius, proclaimed the official results of the presidential election, in front of 450 guests, under the golds of the Elysee's party room. Emmanuel Macron then signed the minutes of investiture, paving the way for his new five-year term.
Emmanuel Macron made the oath to bequeath a more livable planet and a living and stronger France, during his inauguration speech. The head of state also called for relentless action to make France a more independent nation and to build our French and European responses to the challenges of our century. The time that is opening will be one of resolute action for France and for Europe, he said in a speech of about ten minutes before 450 guests, including his predecessors Nicolas Sarkozy and François Hollande.
Acting first to avoid any escalation following the Russian aggression in Ukraine, helping democracy and courage to prevail, building a new European peace and a new autonomy on our continent, he launched. Acting for a society of full employment, against inequalities by redesigning our school and our health, against the insecurities of everyday life, terrorism that is still lurking, he said. Each day of the mandate that opens I will have only one compass, to serve, he assured.
To serve our country, a miracle of human will and freedom. To serve our fellow citizens, whose sense of duty and love of country are our greatest assets. To serve our children and our youth (...) to whom I pledge to leave a more liveable planet and a living and stronger France, he insisted. Faced with the challenges ahead, the Head of State stated his ambition to invent a new method, far from the worn-out rites and choreographies, by planning, reforming, associating. By making the government, the administration, the Parliament, the social partners, the associations work together and by associating all the political, economic, social and cultural forces throughout the country in order to decide and do, he outlined.
The President of the Constitutional Council, Laurent Fabius, had previously officially confirmed his victory in the second round on April 24 against the far-right candidate Marine Le Pen, with 58.55% of the vote. The time of your first term has been hit by an accumulation of crises and upheavals on the health, security, social, energy, financial whose consequences are not all finished, including a certain democratic malaise, said Laurent Fabius. Quoting Victor Hugo - In these troubled times, let us be the servants of right and the slaves of duty - the President of the Constitutional Council underlined the great challenges to be met, starting with that of peace or war criminally reimposed on our continent.
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