Macron, fuck you!: more than 100,000 French people take to the streets against the vaccine pass

Steph Deschamps / January 9, 2022


A mobilization almost comparable to September. Opponents of the government's health policy, and in particular the future vaccination pass, took to the streets this Saturday. According to the Interior, 105,000 demonstrators were counted across the country. But what message exactly did they want to send to the head of state, a few days after his shocking statement in Le Parisien. In an interview, Emmanuel Macron said: I really want to piss off the non-vaccinated. And so, we will continue to do so, until the end. That's the strategy.
Obviously, it was with signs Macron, fuck you! that the anti-pass or anti-vaccination people marched. In Paris, one could also read messages such as Macron, we don't want your pass or Don't touch the children, in the middle of French flags. If the law passes, we will no longer be able to go to school, we will no longer be able to work, said a young man close to the ideas of Florian Philippot, the leader of the Patriots. For another demonstrator, the problem is the pass that becomes a disguised vaccine obligation.
On the side of politics, the RN senator Stéphane Ravier called on stage to kick out the Macronie by putting a big kick in the ballot box. Any vaccinated is a future unvaccinated because of the need to make one or more booster shots, any Frenchman is in the crosshairs of the liberticidal madness of Macron the crazy, launched for his part Florian Philippot.
Elsewhere in France, other slogans flourished. In Lyon, for example, they dared to use the term social apartheid, while people from Bordeaux chanted When will there be a vaccine of respect?, or Trust broken. Among the demonstrators in Gironde, a woman, non-vaccinated against Covid-19 but not anti-vaccine, indicated that she had beaten the pavement for the first time in her life, because the words of the President of the Republic made the vase overflow.


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