Limiting the speed to 110 km / h on motorways in France: good or bad idea?

Steph Deschamps / June 19, 2020


Reduce the speed to 110 km / h on the highway. This is one of the proposals of the Citizen Climate Convention. It is debated by professionals and road users.


Go from 130 to 110 km / h on the highway. Is it really achievable? This is in any case one of the proposals of the Citizen Climate Convention to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The 150 citizens drawn were gathered this Friday, June 19 to vote on the proposals developed over the past nine months by the various working groups. The approved measures will be delivered to the government on Sunday.


The proposal adopted at 60%

This will be the case of the speed limit on the highway at 110 km / h, adopted at 60% by the agreement. A topic that is debated within society.


"This measure would reduce CO2 emissions on the motorway by almost 20%," Mélanie, a member of the "Travel" group of the agreement, tells An optimism shared by a spokesperson for the Waze driver assistance mobile application: "We are delighted that such questions are being debated. We are building with our users and our partners a safer road and driving, for a more serene and sustainable mobility. "


"On paper, it's a good idea, like anything that can reduce pollution, because we are all sensitive to these topics as a citizen," agrees Rachid Boudjema, president of the National Taxi Union. But taxis are confronted with the "reality on the ground" as entrepreneurs:

It seems complicated to achieve on the whole motorway network. The 110 km / h can make sense in certain territories, it would have to be on a case by case basis.

"Not a good idea"

And then, Rachid Boudjema remembers the "outcry" caused by the passage from 90 to 80 km / h. So this time, “why go straight down to 110? Why not 120? "" On an hour-long trip, we would lose 4 to 8 minutes, it's nothing to save lives and the climate! “, Says Mélanie.


For his part, Pierre Talon, president of the National Federation of Driving Teachers, does not see the point of such a change:

" It's not a good idea. By reducing speed limits, we multiply the controls and therefore the tickets. Failure to wear a seat belt kills more people than speed! "

According to Mélanie, the transition to 110 km / h would be fairly quick to set up, "time to inform the population and change the signs". The camp is now in the camp of the government, which must study the proposals validated by the convention.

The President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, will receive the 150 members on Monday June 29 at the Elysée Palace to provide a first response.

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