Horror in France: Father throws 6-year-old son out of fifth floor window after argument with new wife

Sylvie Claire / September 12, 2020


Horror scene on the night of Friday to Saturday in Val-de-Marne, France. A 6 year old boy was thrown by his father from the fifth floor. This would follow an argument that allegedly broke out between the 37-year-old man and his new wife. While the injured girl was able to escape, the same was not true for the child.


This one was taken to task by his father who ended up throwing him from the window of their apartment located on the fifth floor. Miraculously, the boy survived the shock but his father tackled him again. In the end, it was neighbors who had to intervene to remove and detain the man until the police arrived.


Seriously injured in the head, the young victim is in danger of death.


Credit : Sudinfo

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