G7 suspends its Tesla Model 3 cabs after a serious accident in Paris on Saturday

Sylvie Claire / December 15, 2021

On Saturday evening, a Tesla cab lost control of its vehicle in the 13th arrondissement of Paris, causing 7 absolute and 3 relative emergencies according to a police source. About 37 cab drivers are affected by the stop, according to G7.
The cab hit two pedestrians and then a glass container, which was thrown into the air and exploded on the ground. The cab then struck a traffic light, which was also thrown into the air. The vehicle crashed into a van in the middle of the intersection, according to the police source.
Tesla, which has access to some technical data, assured that there had been no technical failure of its car. The manufacturer does not comment at this stage on the shutdown by G7 of its Tesla cabs.
A spokesman for the U.S. automaker also told AFP on Tuesday that the company remained at the disposal of the authorities to send them the data it can have remotely on the vehicle concerned, without giving more details.
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