French presidential election: a thousand people at a tense anti-Zemmour demonstration in Lille

Sylvie Claire / February 6, 2022

Some 1,100 people, according to the prefecture, protested Saturday afternoonin Lille against the holding in the city of a meeting of Eric Zemmour, a demonstration enamelled of tensions with the forces of order which proceeded to three interpellations.
The tension rose from the start of the procession, several hundred meters from the site of the meeting, bringing together antifa activists, leftists, trade unionists and students, noted journalists from AFP.
The police forces quickly proceeded to sporadic firing of tear gas, in particular to disperse a group of about twenty demonstrators all dressed in black trying to prevent the extraction by police officers of one of them.
The police also intervened to seize the banner of head, proclaiming Make Bloc will put them to knees, after a beginning of stoning of the ranks of the mobile gendarmes, said a police source adding that three interpellations were made.
CGT or CNT activists have from time to time taken the lead of the procession, initially led by a few dozen demonstrators dressed in black and showing themselves ready to fight.
Under the slogans Everyone hates Eric Zemmour and Death to cops and fascists, the demonstration was then peppered with mortar fireworks, some of which were aimed at the ranks of the police.
Also targeted by potato fire, police officers conducted several quick charges with tear gas fire to push back the troublemakers.
The demonstration then dispersed peacefully after a procession of more than three hours, in the city center, at a good distance from the meeting place.
Zemmour has been convicted of racist and misogynistic remarks. He should not be allowed to run. He discriminates against a large part of the population, how could he represent us?, said Salomé, 18 years old, an art student.
A first rally had gathered 500 people in the morning, in the presence of the PS mayor, Martine Aubry, to say No to racism, no to the extreme right at the call of SOS-racism.
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